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So many Indians in the China, so few websites that cater to the needs of Indians. This is the main reason why was started. There was no comprehensive site on the web that could give a complete listing of all the Indian businesses and non-profit organizations in the China. We at ChinaDesi are also focusing on different aspects of Indian life in the China and are trying to make the site more dynamic in both look and content. We are a growing venture and are constantly expanding the scope of the site. aims to provide everything Indians living in China may need to maintain their lifestyle outside of India. This site is a complete resource listing of hundreds of temples, restaurants online shops, grocers and bazaars. Other listings include jewelers, wedding specialists, theaters, beauty salons, places of worship including Mandirs, Gurudwaras, Temples etc. With the large amounts of information, the site is well organized dividing most listings into state categories. Sending comments or suggestions is simple with a form that is provided on the site. To view a complete index of our offerings tailored to the needs of South Asians, Indians, NRIs and others in China interested in businesses and culture of South Asian origin.

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